Happy Veteran’s Day

11 Nov

So it’s 11/11/11! It is also Veteran’s day, which one is more important?  Some might say 11/11/11 because its all cool and there are two times today that it will be 11:11:11 on 11/11/11 HOW COOL IS THAT? Well if it wasn’t for Veteran’s we would have 11/11/11 and other cool stuff.  So Happy Veteran’s Day.  Did you follow that? No? Well damn. And because of Veteran’s I can say damn in my blog.

I have several Veteran’s in my family.  My grandfather is an Army Vet from the Vietnam era, he can tell you some good stories all about Nam, most of them came from someone else since he spent a lot of time in Germany.  But where he was doesn’t matter, he was still awesome! He also won’t let me put a picture of himself on the Internet for the fear that someone will come and find him and talk to him.

My brother is active Air Force, let me introduce you to Master Sergent Jacobs.

So serious!

He has had multiple deployments and traveled the world.  He is also “blinged out” as the kiddos say.

You see all that bling? He has more, its hidden under dad’s arm. You can also tell from this that we all have my fathers squinty eyes and slight dimples.  This was taken when Jay was getting married.  If you look closely at his shirt, under the bow tie, something looks….not right.  Well that my friends is because Jay had a turtle shell on.  He had been in a parachuting accident about a month prior to this and had a broken vertebra.  It was pretty fun trying to find him pants that fit.

I have more friends than I can name that have served.  Some have lost their lives, some have come home, some are still in danger.

ALL deserve a big huge Thank You today and everyday.  It shouldn’t take a special day on the calendar to make you thank our troops.


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