Inspirational People

6 Feb

I have met several people in my life that have left a lasting (good) impression on my life.  Some are family, some are friends, others are random people you meet at the grocery store, or on the street, or in the gym locker room.

This morning I was running a wee bit late getting to the gym, still completely within my safe window of not messing up anything else today, but still a little later than I prefer. Almost every morning as I’m changing into my gym clothes there is another girl changing into her work clothes, she is much more of a morning person than I am.  We say our pleasantry’s, she listens to music, I change clothes and we go on our ways with a smile and a quick “hi”.

Today was different. We started talking, she asked what days I came (there are sometimes she’s not in there) and how long I’ve been coming.  The typical gym type questions.  We got to talking and turns out this girl who is maybe 5’6″ and 130 on a bad day, used to be over 200 pounds. She showed me the stretchy skin on her belly that hasn’t tightened up yet. She had the same experiences that I had, the friends that told her “Oh your not fat, don’t beat yourself up” “Your “shapely” you don’t need to lose weight”. And just like me she wasn’t happy being that person anymore, so she did something about it.

It is really hard to explain our conversation, but she was the most up-lifting, positive, and inspirational people that I have talked to in a long, long time. She kept telling me that I was doing a good job, and that every step is a step in the right direction. She’s right, every little bit counts. It is nice knowing that there are people out there that are happy to be this nice and supportive of someone they just met.


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