Pinning my home into perfection

17 Feb

I’m sure by now everyone and their momma has heard of Pinterest.  If you haven’t, you need to, its fantabulous.  Basically, it is the evil love child of pinboards and bookmarks. You have a collection of boards (I’ve been told there is a limit, this scares me.) that you can choose what they are for (LO’s playroom, Bathroom Remodel, DD’s first birthday, etc.) and you can “Pin” things that you see online to them.  They give you a cool little link to put on your toolbar and whenever you see or read something that you need to save for the future you Pin It.  Then you pick which board, add a message that means something, and Voila! you have saved that little piece of internet awesome-ness so that you can find it later.  Even better, Pinterest links back to the original source so that you have that as well, these kids had their thinking caps on!

Well even though we have a pretty new house, and we did get to choose how certain things were done, things are always perfect, and some things are missing.  This is wear Pinterest comes in and makes my home perfect.  Even though we haven’t completely our first project yet, almost though!!

All of these things are completely realistic and obtainable goals, and things that I actually would like to complete in the next year or so.

Cottage Exterior traditional exterior

We currently don’t have a walkway to our front porch, heck we don’t have one to the back deck either.  The builder didn’t include it in the price, and we didn’t think that it was a big deal and we would do it in time.  I’m pretty sure that our pizza delivery guy would hug us if we put in a walkway. I really love the look of square/rectangle slate with natural stone and a slightly irregular pattern.  We would have a larger square landing area at the bottom of the stairs, the walkway would go out towards the driveway and then down the little hill towards the garage, we will need some stairs built into the hill here.  We will probably need a little retaining wall there as well, and conveniently enough, this picture has one of those too!

This picture was posted on a forum I frequent (she’s aware I pinned it) and I am in love with the backsplash.  Our countertop is pretty neutral and I like how this lightens things up a bit.

The lovely Roeshel over at made over her stair landing with this great wall stencil.  I’m still not entirely sure where I would put a wall stencil with so many walls sharing spaces (*shakes fist at open concept floor plan*), but I know that it needs a home in my home somewhere.  Plus she made it look easy!

We don’t have a headboard.  Surprise right? The couple with nearly no furniture, doesn’t have a headboard. I have found a few that would work, but I only liked them.  I need to love something in order to spend money on it, if its free I’ll take it, but spending money on it….man its hard. Well this, I love! I would probably do a medium tan linen type material that has texture but no real pattern. And big props to the awesome Beth for making it look easy! I love tutorials (I originally wrote tortillas, I’m hungry) that make things look easy!

We have absolutely horrible builder grade, wall of mirror, mirrors. I hate them. I also hate the price tag on mirrors that I like/love (see previous explanation on things I like).  The Idea Room solved this problem, way to go Amy!

There are a ton of things that we need to do to the house, like painting, and it will be never ending but this is a start 🙂

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