Warrior Training Challenge

23 Feb

I’m sure by now, you have figured out that this isn’t a blog just on DIY.  Its not a blog just on cooking.  Its a blog on life. Right now my life includes a lot of getting into shape.

The gym I workout at is starting a Warrior Training Program with two different divisions, Body Weight Challenge 1000 and Body Weight Challenge 500.  I’m going to try the Body Weight Challenge 500, which has 16 different exercises that when combined equals 500 reps. I’m beginning to think I’m crazy. As of right now I can’t do a normal pushup, not a one. I can do girlie push-ups, but not sure if I can even do 25 of those.

So here’s what it is:

50: Rope Jacks
25: Squat Thrust
25: Step Up Right
25: Plank Jacks
25: Step Up Left
25: Push Ups
25: Box Jumps
25: Inverted TRX Row
25: Stability Ball Leg Curls
25: Sliding Disc Crunches
25: Walking Lunge Left
25: Rotational Rope Slams:Right
25: Walking Lunge Right
25: Rotational Slams: Left
25: Alternating Power Lunge Slams
100: Jump Ropes

Total: 500

Whew, my body is screaming already! The program starts next week and goes until December 17th, so this gives me something to work towards all year long.  Plus I get a free t-shirt! So if I drop off the face of the earth, you’ll know why.  My gym murdered me.


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