Spray Paint and a weekend

28 Feb

I was left alone this weekend.  Well I am also along til probably Thursday, but I’m much more productive on the weekends. I’ve had one project that I’ve been trying to finish since Thanksgiving.  Yup! November…… yeah. I also have another project that I did for Christmas that I never blogged about, maybe I need to get a round to that. At this rate, next month sounds great for that! Christmas in Ireland? Ya’know for St Patties day?

Anywho, back on track.  Two projects.  The first was really simple.  Really Really simple.  One of my parents friends moved houses and decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff.  I scored: a horribly 70’s yellow rocker that is the most comfortable chair EVER, a peacock blue IKEA lamp, an old trunk that she wanted to give her son and he didn’t want, and 3 mirrors.  One of the mirrors is super awesome, perfect size, nice thick frame on it, reflects stuff, its great! Except its gold. Well, was gold.

Here is the before:


I roughed her up a little bit, and discovered that she had also been green (it was a match made in heaven, she has a green heart), pink, cream, and then original wood. I didn’t sand all of the old paint away, but I did sand off the shine and any nastiness that was left (like the coffee that Dad spilled on it, that I didn’t bother to clean off).

Next step: taping the mirror off. You know, so you can still see yourself in it when your done.  At this point I discovered a few things.  1. I have no painters tape. 2. TJ used up the rest of my packing tape. 3. I was almost out of scotch tape. 4. TJ has electrical tape in his work bag! And he’s not here to tell me no! (Example #1 of why I shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time).  I started taping pieces of thick paper over the mirror and then set the mirror up on a box so I was able to get all sides and angles easily.

In Progress

I used this paint for my frame:

I don’t know about the 2x coverage claim, I still ended up doing about 4 passes over the frame.  I’m sure its just a marketing pitch, but it was the color that spoke to me.

And drumroll for project #1 *insert drumroll noises here*

Here she is:

I need to get a better after pic, and one of it actually hanging but this chick isn’t hanging a mirror above the fireplace by herself.  Nope. Not happening.

Cost Breakdown:
Mirror: Free
Sandpaper: Free, had on hand
Spray Paint: $5
Total: $5

Now for project #2! This was inspired by this post that I found on Pinterest (picture is clicky to the blog:) )

Puff Paint Vases

This is what I was starting with, a free peacock blue IKEA lamp.


This project was full of lessons learned.  Unfortunately I don’t have any progress pictures on this but I started off by sketching out my design on the lamp with a sharpie.  Mistake number one.  Turns out spray paint doesn’t stick to sharpie. After that I used white puff fabric paint and went over the final design a few times until I get the desired look.

Now its time to paint.  Originally I picked out a mossy, army green and it was a little darker than I preferred.  Good thing was that it wasn’t sticking to the sharpie spots.  So I primered over the entire lamp until the sharpie was completely covered.  Let it dry for roughly a month (just to be safe 😉 ) and then a few coats of my final color which ended up being perfect!

Since I don’t have any in between photos, here is the final product.  This is going in my office, but its a wreck in there and no one deserves to see that.

So final cost breakdown:

Lamp: Free
Sharpie: Free
Puff Paint: $0.50
Primer: $1 (sale)
Spray Paint: $5

Total: $6.50


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  1. amyfewellphotography March 9, 2012 at 12:57 pm #

    *gasp* LOVE this Em!!

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