These things always kick my butt.  I can never think of something cute and witty or even remotely interesting to put here.  So I guess I’ll give it a go, I’m sure I’ll change this thing a million times over the next three months.

Well I’m Emily! How ya doin? I am a mid-twenties chick.  I wish I could call myself a newlywed but alas I’m just the girlfriend, for now 😉 I have a lovely boyfriend, that has been with me through thick in thin (figuratively and literally) through the last seven years.  I was born and raised on a large cattle farm in Central-ish Virginia riding horses, playing in the mud, and throwing hay bales.  I was the definition of a tom boy.  I started riding horses when I was 6 and my mom thought I would grow out of it.  Nearly 20 years later I’m still riding and still loving.

We recently built a custom rambler on 2 acres 10 miles from where I grew up.  We are in the process of fitting the belongs of our 1 bedroom apartment into a 3 bedroom home and making everything work.  We are saving money, cooking food, and doing some crafts.  Well mainly I am, but TJ is eating the food 🙂

Things I love:
-I’m obsessed with the color green.  Mainly an olive-y green color, but green is a sexy color.
-I collect owls.  My grandmother started collecting them when she was a kid and I took over her collection when she passed.
-I like strange names for animals.  I have a cat named Wednesday (Addams) and my horses are City and Bentley.
-I am in love with Great Danes and other gigantic breed dogs




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