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Happy Halloween!!!

31 Oct

I sorta enjoy Halloween, but its not one of my favorite holidays.  I guess I’ll enjoy it more when I have a kid to dress up.

Since we haven’t gotten the house put away yet, we didn’t do any decorating inside but we did do a wreath (who doesn’t like wreaths) and a little pumpkin outside.

Here are some pics 🙂

The wreath!

Happy Halloween!

Our little Pirate Pumpkin!

Close up of the wreath!


Fresh Start!

24 Oct

Some of you might have been familiar with the blog I put together while we were building our house.  I had gotten to the point where I didn’t feel motivated to update that blog.  It was very…pretty to me, every template that I liked always broke something.  I was frustrated.

So our house is built, we are moved in, so I’m starting fresh.

So you are probably wondering well whats 305 McConville?  Is that your address? Well no.  Its not my address.  It’s actually an address that doesn’t exist anymore, except on Zillow, but anyhow.  305 McConville is a place that is very near and dear to my heart.  It was the home that my grandparents built and my mother grew up in.  When my mom was 7 her, her brother, and her parents moved to Virginia from Florida.  My grandfather bought 23 acres of horribly overgrown field and a double wide mobile home.  My grandmother got her driver’s license and a job teaching at the local school.  My grandfather turned that awful piece of land into 305 McConville Rd.  It became a mobile home park for income and he built the family home on the other side.  After my grandmother passed in 1997 and before the real estate market crashed my grandfather got an offer to sell his 23 acres to a company that was going to put a strip mall and a movie theater on it.  He’s getting older and decided that he didn’t want to deal with the upkeep of the park anymore.  He was able to take everything out of the house that he wanted. My mom got these beautiful cabinets for her fabric that used to hold my grandmothers fabric.

There are three things that I wish I would have gotten, but you just don’t think of these things when your 16. While the first is not possible, there was a tree in the front yard that I got pictures on when I was little.  It was the perfect climbing and sitting and hanging out tree.  The entryway of the house had these amazing greenstone slate like floors.  The stone was native to the area and I’ve never seen floors quite like them.  So that’s number 2. And number three, if I’m willing to do some trespassing might still be possible.  The numbers on the front of the house should still be hanging.  You see, 8 months after the contract was signed and the money was handed over the market crashed.  There was no value in commercial building.  Two years later the CEO of the company declared bankruptcy and committed suicide.  So the house has stood empty and broken apart for this time.

305 McConville has a lot of memories, a lot of laughs, and a lot of love in it.  So there you have it, the lengthy explanation 🙂