Wednesday Weigh-In and Update on Goals/To-Do’s

23 Nov

It’s that time of the week again!!!

First up is updates on last weeks Goals and To Do List:


  • Drink a minimum of 80 ounces of water per day.  Based on my amazing 16 ounce Copco cup at work, this is 5 cups.  Relatively Successful, I didn’t keep exact count every day but I know some days I went over.
  • Do not spend money on lunch or dinner all week. I need to watch my spending, as well as my food intake. Complete and utter success.  In fact I only spent money on lunch once this week!

Things That Need to Get Done:

  • Clean and organize: the office, laundry room, guest bedroom, master bedroom/closets/bathroom: Done
  • Clean the kitchen and finally take things off of the counter: I actually put away about 1/2 of the stuff!: Done
  • Do something with the three boxes of unpacked junk in the living room: They got condensed to two boxes, and stacked.  I did something with them 🙂
  • Finish Start my office lamp project.  I know what I want to do with it, just need to DO it.: Finally got TJ to help my draw a straight line on it so I can draw
  • Feed horses all mornings (like normal), Mom’s coming home today so I’m done with evenings!: Fed all mornings, Mom ended up not coming home until Friday and went back Monday. 
  • Take down Pirate Pumpkin, he has some pretty horrible arm pit funk.: Pirate Pumpkin was buried in the ditch by the cow field with the other pumkins.  RIP.
  • Transform Halloween wreath in to Fall/Thanksgiving wreath: Need to find a way to make the fall add-on stay (not dropping any hints yet): Need that sucker to stay on, will be done tonight.
  • Mail Crafts Board Christmas Ornament: FAIL. I have an excuse though. My grandfather had a massive heart attack, had a stint inserted to help out, and now has a mild case of pneumonia.
  • Mail personal property tax for the house (Yaayyyyyy for being a homeowner ): Again, FAIL. I do have until 12/5 to mail it though 🙂

From last week:

Body Stats day of accident: 18 years old, 98 lbs, 2% body fat, size 2 jeans, size XS-S everything else, 34A Bra, 5’4″

Body Stats last week (11/16): 24 years old, 166 lbs, size 12 jeans that are getting a little loose, size large everything else, 36DDD bra, 5’2″ (I shrunk somewhere :) )

And my goals:

Goal weight #1: 150 lbs.  I want to be able to get on the package scale at work and not have it read ERR

Goal weight #2: 130 lbs.

Final Goal Weight: 120 lbs.

This mornings weigh-in puts me at: 164 lbs.  That is a loss of 2 lbs!! I’m officially in the 15lb range of goal one.  I’m sure tomorrow will kick my butt but I’m doing good so far 🙂

14 lbs to go until the first goal, how are you guys doing on your goals!


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